hi i requested the psd with icons, and thanks so much, i love it!<3
Anonymous asked

you’re welcome~


kokorocolors gradient pack II • like or reblog if downloading // download

  • this pack contains 22 gradients


psd 191 • like or reblog if using // box


psd 190 • like or reblog if using // box

hi beby! i was wondering if you had any PSDs that you have/could recommend that would look nice on icons?:)x
Anonymous asked

hi there! we actually have a psd made for icons, you should check it out! (x)

thank you so much making those wonderful psd :)
Anonymous asked

no problem! i’m glad you like them! 

can you recommended us some sharpening actions that looks good on gifs?
Anonymous asked

sure! here are a couple of my favorites: 1, 2, 3


psd 189 • like or reblog if using // box

the moving thingy on your background is hypnotizing i can't stop staring OTL
thejacketslut asked

LOL it does get pretty hypnotizing. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

please back to your old theme! i liked this one too but old one was better :)
Anonymous asked

we might go back to the old one later, but for now we’re sticking with this one, sorry. image

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